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On the launch pad: Waylines

There’s a new online SF magazine coming to town. It’s called Waylines and it’s being put together by David Rees-Thomas and Darryl Knickrehm, both based in Hyogo, Japan. Waylines is doing the kick start thing, raising funds from SF readers, … Continue reading

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National write a lot week. And month.

It’s National Short Story Week. Yes, a week dedicated to the short story, the reading of and the writing of. The event, supported by a coalition of broadcasters and publishers, aims to get us all reading and writing short fiction … Continue reading

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Japan Writers woo-hoo 2

And so a fine time was had at the Japan Writers Conference. Vikas Swarup read an extract from his new novel, The Accidental Apprentice, which will be published early-ish next year. He then took questions, and I was again compelled … Continue reading

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Tea Party tee-hee

Thanks to the Tea Party for providing some light relief after all the brow furrowing of this week’s US election. After Barack Obama’s victory over Mitt Romney, the Republicans have been agonising over what went wrong with the right of … Continue reading

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Japan Writers Woo-hoo

More exciting than Christmas, and coming up next weekend, it’s the Japan Writers Conference. The name of the event kind of gives the plot away, because this is when writers who live in or whose subject is Japan, come together … Continue reading

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A weeder writes

Weed has received an incandescent, effulgent, five-star reader’s review on Amazon, its very first — Weed’s first, not Amazon’s first. And I didn’t have to bully, cajole, or pay, either. Many thanks to the author of that review, Mr BOA … Continue reading

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