A weeder writes

Weed has received an incandescent, effulgent, five-star reader’s review on Amazon, its very first — Weed’s first, not Amazon’s first.

And I didn’t have to bully, cajole, or pay, either.

Many thanks to the author of that review, Mr BOA Pronk.

I happen to know Mr. Pronk through work at the magazine. Among other stories, he is the writer of the main feature of the last issue of KS I was involved with (July this year). The article was, by a bizarre happenstance, about drugs.

The review is here — you need to scroll down to find it.


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Author of the novels Another Perfect Day in ****ing Paradise, Sanctioned, Weed, King of the Undies World, The Underpants Tree, and the story collection Un-Tall Tales. Editor, freelance writer, occasional cartoonist, graphic designer, and all that stuff. At heart he is a London person, but the rest of his body is in long-term exile in Osaka, Japan.
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