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Page raises prices of own ebooks because they’re fucking worth it

I have put up the prices of the ebook versions of my stories.  I’ve not just put up the prices, I’ve tied rocket packs to them and shot them through the roof. In a time of rampant inflation, in the … Continue reading

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Two for the price of none!

Silly me. I got it wrong again.  I tweeted yesterday that you could get a free Kindle download of King of the Undies World through the 25th. Turns out I pressed the wrong button and made The Underpants Tree a … Continue reading

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Un-Tall Tales now in Kindle

It was in paperback, and now by popular demand of the author himself, Un-Tall Tales is in Kindle too.  Un-Tall Tales is Chris Page’s collection of short fiction, flash fiction, poetry, and odds and ends, all in one slim volume … Continue reading

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Get yourself Sanctioned — free!

You can now get a free Kindle edition of Chris Page’s novel Sanctioned — for a limited time, natch. Britain is sinking under the weight of scroungers, skivers, shirkers, refugees, migrants, libtards, experts, and snowflakes. The economy is hobbled and … Continue reading

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Sanctioned now available in Kindle

Yes, Sanctioned is now available in both paperback and Kindle. The paperback can be ordered from any outlet in the world (in theory) or direct from Amazon. If you order the paperback from Amazon.com you can get the Kindle version … Continue reading

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More Amazon — not out of stock, four smokin’ books

Amazon Japan has flagged my books as ‘temporarily out of stock’. This is very unhelpful and very misleading. This applies to Weed, King of the Undies World, The Underpants Tree and Un-Tall Tales. All the books are in fact very … Continue reading

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Weed and Shorts now in Kindle store

Well, if you want something done properly, do it yourself … ahem. The novel Weed and short story collection Shorts are now finally available through the Kindle store. Weed here. Shorts here. Way past time too. The two have been … Continue reading

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