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Sounds like TV

It’s a very wet Saturday afternoon, looking at an even wetter Sunday, so what better than a spot of TV? Well, scraping your own face off with a rusty hacksaw is better than TV, and that’s just the first option … Continue reading

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Bollocks to summer!

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Happy New Trump!

I should have put this up two weeks ago, but perhaps we can say it’s in time for the assumption. I wish now I’d made the drool blob piss yellow instead. All the best for the new year everyone!

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Bollocks to 2016

Don’t look to me for answers, I want to know as much as you do.

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Book-stealing worm in cyberspace — King of the Undies World pinched

  So, King of the Undies World (damn fine novel) is now available for free download. It went on offer on May 24 and is presented online, complete with full-colour reproduction of the cover — Hades in his underpants glory — and an impressive … Continue reading

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Message to a gobshite gaijin

To the gobshite gaijin at the table next to ours last night when I was attempting to have a nice evening out with my wife: shut the fuck up! Item: you talk incessentantly as if a moment’s silence would bring … Continue reading

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My angelic teenage daughter just used a foul word in front of me

My daughter just said ‘awesome’. Yes, I know. Thank you for your sympathy. In mitigation, I can say that English is not her first language. My daughter is a very intelligent, very bright person — yesterday, we were at her … Continue reading

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TTIP of the iceberg

You may know that the EU and US are negotiating this byzantine trade ‘agreement’ that none of the citizens of either the EU or US have agreed to. Among other things, this deal, the TTIP, would allow corporations to sue … Continue reading

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Banksy-Sincura-Slave Labour update

According to a report on BBC online this morning, the Banksy artwork ‘Slave Labour’ was indeed offered for auction last night at an exhibition and sale organised by Sincura Group. If true, this sale is in direct contradiction to claims made … Continue reading

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Banksy Miami auction halted

The auction of the Banksy ‘Slave Labour’ image (see post below) has been halted at the eleventh hour, with the Haringey campaign claiming a partial victory. Read the story here. There is no word on whether the lifted image will … Continue reading

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