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Underpants in the headlines

Underpants have hit the headlines around the world as Canadian PM Pat Martin walks out of parliament to get his fixed. The PM publicly blamed his cut-price underpants for his inability to sit through a vote. This under-things excuse is … Continue reading

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Author Chris Page says King of the Undies World is definitely not a kids’ book.

“King of the Undies World is not a kids’ book,” said author Chris Page. The author’s remarks came after suggestions that King of the Undies World, Chris Page’s most recent novel might be a kids’ book. Author Chris Page was … Continue reading

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Pay to protest: free speech for sale

It was reported last week that a coalition of climate change protesters has been told to pay for a planned protest, or permission to hold it will not be granted. When The Campaign Against Climate Change (CACC) approached the London Metropolitan … Continue reading

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There’s no need for @stephenfry to apologise: his critics have not answered his questions

A week ago Stephen Fry in that now-famous interview on RTE’s The Meaning of Life said that if he ever met God, he would ask ‘‘bone cancer in children? What’s that about?’ and went on to ask, ‘Why should I … Continue reading

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England: not a multi-party system, actually

A good friend from the US, talking of politics, commented to me on Facebook “Must be nice to have more than two political parties, eh?” “Eh?” Oh, yes, it’s that common misapprehension that England has a multi-party political system, that … Continue reading

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The disease isn’t just Islam, you know

It is at times like this after the murder of Japanese hostage Kenji Goto by ISIS, in the wake of the killing of his friend Haruna Yukawa and the Paris attacks, that even the most liberal of us are inclined … Continue reading

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