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The cult murders of Shinzo Abe and Hello Kitty

Shinzo Abe, former PM, departed this earth as any politician would want to depart this earth: in a hail of bullets (or a hail of one bullet) with his shiny shoes on, next to his flunkies, spouting platitudes on the … Continue reading

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Mr Smelly’s Improbable Emporium

A true story with no particular point to it The time has come to tell of Mr Smelly’s Improbable Emporium, though I have no idea why.  In the mid 90s when I moved to this area in Nara, the neighbouring … Continue reading

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Death is the new smart financial move 

So, Paul McCartney played Glastonbury the other day and became, at 80, the oldest person to do so. It’s all right for some — we can’t all afford to live to be 80. I look at those photos of Macca … Continue reading

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