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Synthetic life

An American scientist claims to have created synthetic life. I am sorry, but there’s nothing new in this. Synthetic life has been with us for decades and decades. Ever been on a commuter train, worked in an office, gone to … Continue reading

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Hung parliament on a minute, there …

If I had voted Liberal Democrat I think I would be well pissed off that my democratic choice had been converted into a vote for the Tories. In fact, I’d have my hat and ire on and be on my … Continue reading

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UK election latest

What a palaver. Clearly, they should go for a Con-Lab coalition.

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A hanged Parliament!

That’s more than I dared hope for. Anarchy in the UK!

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A couple of weeks ago, in an astonishing fit of petulance I deactivated my whole Twitter account. I doubt that anyone has noticed. I have to report that my life feels in no way impoverished by this lack of a … Continue reading

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