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Witch dunking #GE2017

The Conservative party of the UK seemed intent on dragging the country back to the 19th century. Now with it’s alliance with the DUP it seems to be taking us back to medieval times. Tell ’em about it.

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An innocent and sincere question about the Conservative alliance with the DUP

OK, I would like to know — and this is a serious question to all of you who voted Conservative — why do you think it’s OK to hook up with group that, apart from being completely backward, is also … Continue reading

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Ode to that magical money tree #2017

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Please vote my new book into obscurity on Thursday

Please make my book irrelevant on Thursday. It’s taken me nearly two years to produce, it was published only last week, and on Thursday you have your chance to render my effort all for nothing. And I hope you do. … Continue reading

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