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Whence Weed?

Funnily enough, I was stoned out of my mind when the idea for the Weed story began to inhabit me. When I say I was stoned, I mean I was quite profoundly stoned. I was nearly as stoned as the … Continue reading

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Why your boss is incompetent — the scientific explanation

This article possibly explains why someone ever thought we needed scientists to come up with the conclusions in this article.

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Waterworld planet is more Earth-like than any discovered before With a tachyon drive such as the one Weed is building, we could be there in no time at all.

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The Freebie

The Freebie is the first story in the collection Shorts and is my first published-and-paid-for piece of fiction. It is about Billy Freeb, a wannabe musician, getting his shot at his moment of fame. The story came to me one … Continue reading

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Local supermarket comes out

It is a very brave retail outlet that expresses its true feelings in conservative Nara, Japan.

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Harper’s Weekly — how religion brings peace and harmony

Extract from HARPER’S WEEKLY December 1, 2009 The Swiss banned further construction of minarets; Christians in Jerusalem wanted Jews to stop spitting on them; and ten Florida middle schoolers were suspended for participating in Kick a Jew Day.

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BBC News – Marilyn Monroe film ‘shows actress smoking marijuana’ A JG Ballard moment.

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No toot, a bit of parp

Well, it has been about three weeks since Weed and Shorts appeared in the online shops as ebooks to no fanfare at all apart from a bit of parping by me getting over the celebratory hangover. I have been grinding … Continue reading

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Weed! Get your Weed here!

My e-books Shorts and Weed are currently available at Mood: Messia-manic Music: Handel’s Messiah Reading: blurb

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Weed and Shorts on Sony; bonkers on the format front

E-books Weed and Shorts have appeared on the Sony ebooks site about 10 days before expected, while they have not yet shown on Kindle, Mobi or Barnes & Noble as I thought they would by now. It didn’t … Continue reading

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