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Going completely plotty

Plotting for the next story. Thousands of words of notes on the computer. Putting important plot points on scraps of paper and arranging them by hand to get the story arc right. What I have here represents about two-thirds of … Continue reading

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In delirium of finishing novel author forgets to breathe

Saturday, April 18 <Disbelieving silence.> I seem to have finished editing The Underpants Tree. Really? Am I sure? Have I done everything? No, I’m not sure, but I’ve run out of edits and corrections to make. I’ve been over the … Continue reading

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Sneaky peek

Well, it had to happen eventually. Despite my best efforts to stay in a bottle, I have drafted a cover for Un-Tall Tales, the paperback collection of short stories, and the thing is now in the pre-printing stage where the … Continue reading

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