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Horrid world

News stories illustrating the imbecility and unfairness of humanity are so commonplace as to be almost banal yet on a regular basis you come across stories that make you go ‘Bah! Horrid world! I want to get off this planet.’ … Continue reading

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Would you like relish with that court ruling?

A Dutch McDonald’s employee is fired for adding an unauthorised slice of cheese to a burger. (Read here.) I love stories like this that illustrate the petty mindedness, rule obsession and control freakery of super-sized corporations. After all, it was … Continue reading

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Whither Weed?

Weed is a catchy little name but, despite the genesis of the story (see last post) the story is not about dope. No, really. There was a moment when the writing was done and I was thinking about putting it … Continue reading

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