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There’s no need for @stephenfry to apologise: his critics have not answered his questions

A week ago Stephen Fry in that now-famous interview on RTE’s The Meaning of Life said that if he ever met God, he would ask ‘‘bone cancer in children? What’s that about?’ and went on to ask, ‘Why should I … Continue reading

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The disease isn’t just Islam, you know

It is at times like this after the murder of Japanese hostage Kenji Goto by ISIS, in the wake of the killing of his friend Haruna Yukawa and the Paris attacks, that even the most liberal of us are inclined … Continue reading

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Fuck the Pope

Fuck the Pope: that’s the message that journalist Hunter S Thompson and artist Ralph Steadman attempted to paint on the side of the Italian entry for the Americas Cup in Rhode Island many years ago. Of course, I would never … Continue reading

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Synthetic life

An American scientist claims to have created synthetic life. I am sorry, but there’s nothing new in this. Synthetic life has been with us for decades and decades. Ever been on a commuter train, worked in an office, gone to … Continue reading

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Harper’s Weekly — how religion brings peace and harmony

Extract from HARPER’S WEEKLY December 1, 2009 The Swiss banned further construction of minarets; Christians in Jerusalem wanted Jews to stop spitting on them; and ten Florida middle schoolers were suspended for participating in Kick a Jew Day.

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Hello, good evening and bollocks

A new blog to promote the novel Weed and short stories of Chris Page. And aren’t you all just sick of hearing about this.

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