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Weed at Whitcoulls

Weed the ebook has shown up at New Zealand online outlet Whitcoulls. Click here. However, I think the people of New Zealand have bigger things on their mind at the moment than my facetious little book.

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Weedy paperback nouveau est arrivée

The proof copy of Weed the paperback arrived today. Yes, Weed is in paperback. Missed the delivery as I was at J’s high school graduation thingummy. Got home to find that the PO had been knocking at the door. Armed … Continue reading

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Weed and Shorts now in Kindle store

Well, if you want something done properly, do it yourself … ahem. The novel Weed and short story collection Shorts are now finally available through the Kindle store. Weed here. Shorts here. Way past time too. The two have been … Continue reading

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