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Page raises prices of own ebooks because they’re fucking worth it

I have put up the prices of the ebook versions of my stories.  I’ve not just put up the prices, I’ve tied rocket packs to them and shot them through the roof. In a time of rampant inflation, in the … Continue reading

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Weed and Shorts now in Kindle store

Well, if you want something done properly, do it yourself … ahem. The novel Weed and short story collection Shorts are now finally available through the Kindle store. Weed here. Shorts here. Way past time too. The two have been … Continue reading

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Sony, Barnes & Noble on Weed

Or is it the other way round? Both Weed and Shorts are scheduled for distribution through Barnes & Noble on 11/6/2009 and Sony on 12/1/2009 Pass it on 🙂

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