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Weeding woom

Weed and Shorts have infiltrated the heart of the British establishment: this last weekend I deposited them with the British Library in accordance with the legal obligation imposed on publishers by use of British ISBNs. The books should have been … Continue reading

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Weed on Barnes & Noble

Weed is now listed on Barnes & Noble — see here. No sign of Shorts on that site though. Is it possible that Messrs B&N took exception to the less-than-pristine underpants on the cover and are protecting the sensibilities of … Continue reading

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More leaking

Despite the huge publicity generated by this site for their money raising campaign, WikiLeaks has not yet resumed normal service. However, they are still accepting leaks and they are regularly posting on Twitter (follow them here). Being an assiduous reader … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day atrocity

When it comes to seeing commercial advantage in nicking the customs or superstitions of other cultures no one does it better than Japan. In fact, probably no one other than Japan does it. Hence the annual Christmas hysteria and Halloween … Continue reading

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Sheep eggs

“Eggs come from sheep, crisps are made of plastic and butterflies produce cheese” — so begins this article on a survey of where British kids think their food comes from. Quoting the article again, some kids believed: “beef burgers came … Continue reading

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