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Author of the novels Sanctioned, Weed, King of the Undies World, and The Underpants Tree; also the story collection Un-Tall Tales; editor, freelance writer and all that stuff. At heart he is a London person, but the rest of his body is a long-term exile in Osaka, Japan.

Immigration, immigration, immigration


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In memory of torsos

At the end of Japan’s furious summer, it is cool enough this weekend to actually want to wear a shirt. So I doodled this as a farewell to pale torsos.

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Sounds like TV

It’s a very wet Saturday afternoon, looking at an even wetter Sunday, so what better than a spot of TV? Well, scraping your own face off with a rusty hacksaw is better than TV, and that’s just the first option … Continue reading

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Mr Holger Czukay. You will be missed.

So farewell, Holger Czukay, musical pioneer, humorist, inspiration, and a close personal deity of mine. We are going to miss his timeless artistry and zany humour, which made the madness of this world look really silly. I had the enormous … Continue reading

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Tweety tweety tweetvert

Tweetverts for the recent book, Sanctioned. All my own work (the tweetverts and the book). I tracked down the actual fonts used by The Sun and copied their typography for maximum tabloid effect. (Any echoes of Barbara Kruger may not … Continue reading

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So, has someone been posting stuff on social media without checking its authenticity?

This ominous ‘Welcome to Australia’ image has been doing the rounds on social media, posted and liked by people I would normally consider to be humane and intelligent, who clearly feel — though none of them are actually Australian — … Continue reading

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Bollocks to summer!

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The first shipment of copies of Sanctioned (the new novel by Chris Page, for those one or two of you who don’t yet know) has arrived chez Page. Anyone who wishes to get a copy direct from me, rather than … Continue reading

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Witch dunking #GE2017

The Conservative party of the UK seemed intent on dragging the country back to the 19th century. Now with it’s alliance with the DUP it seems to be taking us back to medieval times. Tell ’em about it.

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An innocent and sincere question about the Conservative alliance with the DUP

OK, I would like to know — and this is a serious question to all of you who voted Conservative — why do you think it’s OK to hook up with group that, apart from being completely backward, is also … Continue reading

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