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The cult murders of Shinzo Abe and Hello Kitty

Shinzo Abe, former PM, departed this earth as any politician would want to depart this earth: in a hail of bullets (or a hail of one bullet) with his shiny shoes on, next to his flunkies, spouting platitudes on the … Continue reading

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Mr Smelly’s Improbable Emporium

A true story with no particular point to it The time has come to tell of Mr Smelly’s Improbable Emporium, though I have no idea why.  In the mid 90s when I moved to this area in Nara, the neighbouring … Continue reading

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Bollocks to … summer

All right! Enough everybody! Enough! This summer has gone way beyond a joke now. Silly! Silly! What is it now? About 30 consecutive days of 35 or 36C? I hear that Osaka scored 38C today. Thirty-eight! I mean, fuck off, … Continue reading

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Message to a gobshite gaijin

To the gobshite gaijin at the table next to ours last night when I was attempting to have a nice evening out with my wife: shut the fuck up! Item: you talk incessentantly as if a moment’s silence would bring … Continue reading

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Amazon are lying bastards, and an apology to my Japan readers

First of all, an apology to Japan-based potential readers of The Underpants Tree: I’m sorry. I apologise. Second, I have to call Amazon Japan a bunch of lying bastards. You’re a bunch of lying bastards, Amazon Japan! I apologise to … Continue reading

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Local supermarket comes out

It is a very brave retail outlet that expresses its true feelings in conservative Nara, Japan.

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