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Let’s get this straight: Unravelling the complicated convolutions of current goings on with added buckets of wine

So, let’s try to get this straight because it’s getting a bit complicated now Members of the UK government, including the actual prime minister broke lockdown laws that they themselves made by having parties at No.10, driving to Durham while … Continue reading

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Humanity’s all shagged out (and I feel fine)

Let’s be clear: the slow death of humanity through mass infertility is a good thing. This nightmare vision of SF and dystopian literature is, to the well-organised mind, a dream come true.  For decades scientists have been telling us about … Continue reading

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Hey, honey, I shot the kids!

I originally posted this story on in 2004 when I first learned of the existence of this thing called an AR-15, a gun that has featured in so many killings in the US. Since then, the AR-15 has been … Continue reading

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Exclusive: That David Cameron-Xi Jinping meeting — what they really talked about

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Man killed by wedgie (public service announcement)

King of the Undies World is an entire novel of unremitting underwear-related skullduggery and dirty deeds. It’s therefore inevitable that before the end of the story someone has pulled a nick-of-time and mercilessly executed wedgie on her captor in a … Continue reading

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