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Lock up your underpants: July 14 is the day

            Yes, Chris Page’s new novel The Underpants Tree will be out on July 14, 2015. In an unprecedented froth of speculation, the world’s readers and literary pundits have made a wild guess that it … Continue reading

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The proof, the underwear, and the pudding

And here we are, this very evening, the proof of King of the Undies World has arrived. Kim Jong-un, be very afraid. This ain’t The Interview, you know. Now watch this space … (out in January)

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Announcement: Un-Tall Tales actually available in paperback

The literary world’s biggest secret: Chris Page’s Un-Tall Tales was published on March 31st this year to no fanfare at all. The closest this massive book publishing event got to a fanfare was a quick toot on Facebook. Millions of … Continue reading

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