McDonald’s threaten my son with police

Today, my son G received a letter from McDonald’s demanding the return of a uniform or they would turn the police on him.

image loadingG worked part time at McDonald’s until about six months ago. Fair dos: it’s their shirt and trousers, they should have them back and it’s teenage chaos that had led G to not bother.

However, the curt warning about setting the police on him caused a serious outbreak of hilarity at Page mansions.

My son is a university student with two minimum wage jobs, one in a clothes shop and the other in a convenience store.

McDonald’s is an international corporation with net earnings in 2013 of $5.6 billion.

Clearly McDonald’s must be struggling with the absence of this uniform. I hear of one employee at G’s former workplace serving in unbranded vest and underpants.

Of course, we should not be surprised. McDonald’s warm and fuzzy approach to  legal matters and employee relations is well known. In Britain they took two unemployed people to court for defamation in what turned out to be the country’s longest and most costly libel trial. Also in the UK, 90 per cent of McDonald’s employees are on zero hours contracts, and in the UK and Australia, the company has been successfully prosecuted for breaking child employment laws. In the US, where fast food workers are using $7 billion of public assistance annually, workers have been on strike for a living wage.

This naming and shaming stuff: I’m lovin’ it.

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