Banksy Miami auction halted

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‘Wet Dog, Bethlehem’, a Banksy removed from Palestine.

The auction of the Banksy ‘Slave Labour’ image (see post below) has been halted at the eleventh hour, with the Haringey campaign claiming a partial victory. Read the story here.

There is no word on whether the lifted image will be returned to Wood Green, nor is halting the auction the same as halting the sale, which could continue behind closed doors.

It’s interesting to note that news reports are now turning their attention to Wood Green Investments, the owners of the building from which the image was removed.

Meanwhile it has been overlooked that there was a second Banksy offered for sale at the same auction which was also withdrawn.

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‘Stop and Search’, also lifted from Palestine.

This painting was not lifted from an affluent European or American city. It was lifted from the West Bank, from the occupied territories: it was nicked from Palestine. Yes, an anonymous greedhead dealer lifted this painting from one of the poorest and most persecuted places on the planet to sell in the vol-au-vent-stuffed art houses in the most pampered corners of the world.

‘Wet Dog’ is not the only Banksy lifted from Palestine. ‘Stop and Search’ has also appeared on the art market, but was not offered at FAAM this weekend. Indeed, this whole thing of appropriating street art for sale seems rampant as is the whole rapaciousness groove in every other area of life.

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