Scientists succeed in turning mice transparent

Got up this morning, thought to myself, what I really need is a transparent mouse. Imagine my delight and relief then when I logged on to Kyodo news and discovered that Japanese scientists had invented just such a thing.
It’s as if they read my mind.

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Good question.

The boffins from the University of Tokyo haven’t simply made a transparent mouse, they started with a regular opaque mouse and marinated it until it was transparent.
They made it transparent right through it’s blood too, apparently.
Yes, transparent mice. Just what we need, if only I knew what for.
Imagine having a transparent mouse as a pet. You would have an uninterrupted view of the shredded paper and poo in the bottom of its cage. When it was running in its wheel you’d have clear sight of the wallpaper behind.
There is an obvious military application. Transparent mice could be trained to deliver transparent bombs unobserved into the wainscot or pantries of terrorist hideouts.
Perhaps there was a misunderstanding in the brief issued to the scientists who created this thing. Perhaps the research funding was provided by a pest control service who wanted a way to make mice disappear.
Meanwhile, my cat is less than impressed at the concept of a mouse you can’t see.

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